Sunday, 27 March 2011

Electric Alice

Another rather longish blog absence happened, but my life’s finally about to get stabilized, as I’ve finished my job training and today was the first day of work! Apart from hardly having any time for myself, I've heard Nick Cave’s Grinderman music for the first time and I love it, especially ‘When my baby comes’, which I’ve embedded in this post for you to listenHe’ll also be playing a concert with the band in Wroclaw in July, so I’m delighted and I just can’t wait...the man's a genius

On the outfit note, I’ve just bought my second pair of trousers in New Look recently and I can’t stop wearing these, they’re just the perfect colour and cut They also look great with all my floral blouses, so it’s no wonder they’re my favourite pair now:)

Trousers - New Look

Blouse - Camaieu

Cardigan - Primark

Boots -

Bag - vintage

Bangle - Juicy Couture

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The sun has sunk behind you
Across these purple fields

It turned out that I have to stay in Warsaw for 3 weeks, so it’s still another week for me, but fortunately I had this outfit photographed and waiting for its time on my computer, so I’ve got something to show you! It was still quite cold and windy back then, so I didn’t even dare to take the coat off;) The base item for this outfit was the skirt, which I’ve bought in a charity shop quite awhile ago, but I didn’t have a chance to wear it too much so far. I’ve recently fallen in love with this skirt and dress length, so I now know I’ll be wearing it a lot this spring and summer ♥
Oh, and as soon as I’ll be back home for good, I’ll be able to catch up on your blog posts, dears! ♥

I’d also like to introduce you to a lovely online shop - Stolen Thunder ♥. Stolen Thunder jewellery is handmade in England mainly from bamboo and cherry wood, leather and vintage chains. It’s created by Alice Burlinson and Joy Frost and is mostly ‘inspired my playful childhood memories’, which I find refreshing and so inspiring! What’s more Alice offered me to present you with a 15% discount code for every purchase in the store! Just enter ‘honey’ at the checkout! It’s valid for almost a month, so don’t miss out!

I really love most of their designs, but I’ve chosen a couple to show you:

Skirt – thrifted

Top – Zara

Faux Fur – Marks&Spencer (thrifted)

Rabbit Necklace and Rose Earrings – Bibelot. Made with Love

Bag –

Shoes - Zara