Monday, 30 April 2012

Cemetery Of Frozen Ships

Today’s pretty photos were taken by lovely Pola from As usual I couldn’t make up my mind which photos to publish on the blog (that’s why there’s so many of them today), because she really takes amazing ones! We went for a little walk, visited a sweet little France-inspired place called Monsieur CafĂ© and then went for a short shopping spree, which turned out to be more of a window shopping. As for the outfit, it’s once again the hat (I couldn’t help it, I love it to bits), my Primark find: swallow print blouse with a tie and amazing shoes from a second-hand shop (I can’t stop wearing them!).

Have a lovely week, my dears…fortunately I'm staying in my hometown till the end of the week, which means relaxing, relaxing, relaxing :)

Blouse & bag- Primark

Skirt - Orsay

Hat - H&M

Shoes - thrifted

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Creatures of an Hour

It’s starting to get so pretty (yay!). The weather feels warm, the birds started singing and everything is getting green! I so can’t wait till it's summer, but I’m enjoying spring too, it makes me feel happy and positive about everything :) As for the photos, they were taken during Easter, when it was still pretty cold, hence my winter coat, but I think it looks really nice with my new mustard dress

Oh, I’ve also made a little wishlist of my favourite items from Freshtrends! The tragus earring really made me want to be able to wear it, as I love wolves, and as for the belly button rings I adore the horse theme, ah

Dress – Primark

Coat – F&F

Bag – H&M

Glasses - Proopticals

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Monday, 16 April 2012

You keep me under your spell

A while ago, Ernest Jones contacted me and asked if I could do a wishlist of my choice containing the pieces from their new Spring Summer jewellery collection. The lookbook is split into six current trends and I was really stunned with most of the pieces from Soft Sorbet theme, therefore I had to include them on the list, which you can see on the photo below. My first choice was definitely the Juicy Couture watch, which looks so girly, delicate and perfect for spring/summer tanned skin. Right after that I was drawn to Marco Bicego’s multistone bracelet and the matching ring. These pieces made me think of summer beach holidays immediately and it turns out they were inspired by colours of Sardinian beaches. As I’m quite safe with colours in my outfits, I could really make the look stand out with pieces like these. The next item is the emerald and diamond drop earrings, which are this amazing colour that again makes me think of holidays and sea ( I guess this can only mean that I badly need my holidays, ha!). Lastly, the Venetian glass circle pendant made me want it because of the colour scheme and the print, which is similar to the Aztec prints I’m so crazy about at the moment. Right, so now for the best part! You can also make your own wishlist and WIN one of the items! All you have to do is go the Ernest Jones Facebook App, ‘Like’ their page and then browse through their website to create your wishlist of 5 items, which after that you have to share with your friends. I’ve already submitted my entry so fingers crossed for all of us who enter!

As some of you might already know, Ernest Jones has gifted me a lovely silver bracelet with my blog name engraved on it, as a thanks for helping them out. I’ve already showed it on my Facebook profile here and today you can see it in an outfit. The look was also put together to show you guys my new/old favourite deer jumper! It’s so cute I can’t get enough of it!

Jumper & hat – H&M

Bag, shoes and trousers – New Look

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Monday, 9 April 2012


I can’t believe it’s been snowing yesterday! It’s been white Easter, which is quite unusual, but then I remember that last year it was snowing on the first day of May;) Anyways, I’m spending my holiday time in my hometown with my family, which is really lovely because I’ve last been home for Christmas.

As for the photos, once again you can see that I’m obsessed with Aztec prints and this time it’s the leggings I’ve bought in New Look. I think that the snowy mountain tops make a perfect background for this outfit :)

Leggings, bag & cardigan – New Look

Hat – H&M

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Monday, 2 April 2012

This Picture

I’ve had such a busy week, but fortunately I’ve had these photos taken last weekend when it was still lovely and warm. I’ve bought the skirt I’m wearing on these photos while I was in Scotland because I still cannot resist anything ballerina-chiffony style. As for the top, it’s actually a dress and I adore its mesh dotted part and the pretty little bow at the front.

On another note, I’ve recently joined Pinspire, a website where you can create online inspiration boards to pin your favourite photos on. It's really got me hooked! You can find my profile HERE

Enjoy your week, my darlings!

Dress – Sheinside

Skirt & Jewellery – Primark

Shoes – DeeZee

Bag – H&M

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