Friday, 27 December 2013


Hello my darlings! I hope you’ve a lovely Christmas! I’ve spent mine in my hometown with the family, so it couldn’t go wrong.  I just love this time of the year, with the atmosphere and people you love beside you
As I’ve mentioned in the last post, I recently got married. It was one of the most beautiful days in my life and strangely I wasn’t even stressed. We’ve spent our honeymoon on Lanzarote, Canary Islands - it was amazing and so so warm! The only difficulty was the switch from summery weather to the wintery one after coming back home;)  As promised, today’s post features some of the photos from my wedding photo shoot. I couldn’t be happier with these, but then again I was sure I won’t be disappointed when choosing a photographer, because she is the best photographer that you could imagine, she’s a true fairy that can always capture that magic spark in her photos. Anita is the loveliest person with a true talent and I am really honoured to have met her and have my wedding photos taken by her. Thank you, my dear, for capturing my special day

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Darkness & Light

I'm finally back! This time it's for good and I'll do my best to keep the updates posted on a regular basis. You see, recent months kept me so busy, because of the fact that I got married a month ago! Now, it's slowly starting to get calm again and I have some more time for outfit posts and blogging in general. Fashionwise, I've recently been obsessing about all kinds or tartan prints and warm sweaters like these from Garage (I'm just so in love with the one with the deer print on! ). Today's post is all about my first love I feel like I can wear this print all the time, therefore you can expect the next posts to feature it too;)

P.S. I'll also show you some of my wedding photoshoot here on the blog soon! :)

Dress - New Look
Chelsea boots - no name
Jacket - Siren London

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Monday, 21 October 2013

See you walk away
Feeling okay, now
Happy now?

Wow! I've just had one of the best weekends ever! That's because of the Foals concert I went to on Saturday! Words can't express how awesome that gig was, but I can definitely say it's the greatest I've ever been to! It was wild and fun and I wished it never ended. The set list was amazing (they've played Hummer, which is quite rare and I really wanted to hear that live so bad!:D) and Yannis was totally crazy, jumping into the crown from the stage and from the balcony! - I loved it to pieces What's more I've also had a chance to meet and talk to the guys afterward and it was sooo exciting! They're just the loveliest people ever ♥ I love Foals even more now (didn't think that was possible!) and I think I might fall into post-gig depression now, I want to go back and experience it again and again and again.
Outfitwise, it's still summer on my blog! I present you with the most colourful piece of clothing in my wardrobe! I was a bit wary of its colour palette, when I first saw it, but the collar made me want to try it on and so I did and fell in love with it.
Enjoy your week, my dears! 

Dress - River Island
Satchel - H&M 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

We'll part as happy strangers
From a long friendship
That grew from such a love

Another summer post is here! This dress was (still is, even though it’s sometimes a bit too cold for it) actually my favourite piece of clothing the past summer and I could basically wear it all the time. Unfortunately, it’s time for thick tights, warm sweaters and heavy coats now. In spite of that I always try to incorporate my summer clothes into my autumn and winter wardrobe through layering, which is always so much fun!
Have a lovely week, my dears!

Dress – River Island

Shoes – New Look

Satchel – H&M

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Can’t stop listening to this song + I love the lyrics so much!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Maybe I just wanna be yours

Another long absence on the blog, but here is a new post at last! Summer has come to an abrupt stop, but I still have three or four posts reminding me of the lovely and warm weather that’s gone. The past couple of weeks brought me a lot of new music like Arctic Monkey’s new album (which I really love), a lot of new reads: Alexa Chung’s IT, Dan Brown’s Inferno and Maria Vargas Llosa’s The Bad Girl, plus I’ve found myself buying lots of clothes for autumn (I quite like current collections on the high street) and the only thing I couldn’t find so far is a pair of ankle boots (still looking for a perfect pair).
Coming back to today’s outfit, I’ve recently got this adorable dress from Zalando. I totally fell in love with the cutout detail at the front and my forever-favourite collar. I just can’t seem to stop wearing the dress! Also, I can’t seem to have enough of my new kitty shoes, I just love them to pieces
Have a lovely rest of the week, my darlings!

Dress - Zalando
Flats – New Yorker
Bag – H&M
Crop jumper - BikBok

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 Obsessed with this song!