Friday, 26 April 2013

Le vent souffle et me ramène
De vieux souvenirs brûlants
De vieilles images me reviennent

It feels kind of awkward to be posting these outfit photos, when it’s like 27 degrees Celsius outsider, but for the past week I was at home with an illness and couldn’t really enjoy the weather in any possible way. I think I’ve watched like a thousand movies and listened to millions of songs during this week. I’ve also finished reading Zafon’s Shadow of the Wind and started Murakami’s 1Q84. I’ve discovered inspiration for painting once again, which is such a relief as I hadn’t been painting for ages because of being so busy with everyday life, so although it was painful to be staying at home when it’s so lovely outside, I’ve managed to catch up with everything I wanted to catch up with.

Have a lovely weekend, my dear readers!

Jumper & Bag – H&M

Skirt & Wedges – New Look

Hat – Pull&Bear

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bewitched hands

Today I feel like I’ve woken up from a very long winter sleep as it was so sunny and warm I didn’t even need to put a jacket on! It felt amazing to go for a walk and even to have all the windows in my flat open all day – the spring’s officially arrived! ♥ As for the outfit in the photos, it’s from a couple of days ago and it still had to be quite warm. It consists of my all time no 1, which is lace, toughened by the leather-look skirt. I also added a bag I’ve bought in Primark in Belgium a couple of months ago and my lately favourite necklace ♥

Coat – F&F
Bag – Primark
Blouse – Chicwish
Necklace - Parfois
Skirt – H&M
Boots – New Look
Hat – Pull &Bear