Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Maybe I just wanna be yours

Another long absence on the blog, but here is a new post at last! Summer has come to an abrupt stop, but I still have three or four posts reminding me of the lovely and warm weather that’s gone. The past couple of weeks brought me a lot of new music like Arctic Monkey’s new album (which I really love), a lot of new reads: Alexa Chung’s IT, Dan Brown’s Inferno and Maria Vargas Llosa’s The Bad Girl, plus I’ve found myself buying lots of clothes for autumn (I quite like current collections on the high street) and the only thing I couldn’t find so far is a pair of ankle boots (still looking for a perfect pair).
Coming back to today’s outfit, I’ve recently got this adorable dress from Zalando. I totally fell in love with the cutout detail at the front and my forever-favourite collar. I just can’t seem to stop wearing the dress! Also, I can’t seem to have enough of my new kitty shoes, I just love them to pieces
Have a lovely rest of the week, my darlings!

Dress - Zalando
Flats – New Yorker
Bag – H&M
Crop jumper - BikBok

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