Monday, 14 April 2014

I'm gonna hang around
Long enough to be part of the furniture

So, here is my last day off out of four, most of which have already passed, unfortunately. I’ve visited my hometown, spent some quality time with my family and friends and frolicked with the camera in the nearby woods with the stunning views of mountains surrounding me from everywhere while taking pictures of almost everything. I am always in awe of these mountain landscapes when I come here and it never ceases to amaze me, it never bores me. Too bad I have to leave soon and it’s going to be back to reality tomorrow.

Enjoy your week, my dear readers!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Now you've gone too far
Your urge to run away is back

Well, it's high time for another post to be published. I think it's taken me about three weeks to finally sit down by my computer and start writing. It seems so hard these days, but I've finally managed to do it. The weather recently was so changeable that everytime I took outfit photos, it required a totally different level of heaviness, meaning, one time it's all short sleeves or light leather jacket and the other, it's a winter coat and many layers of clothing. This time, it's the latter. one
The clothes, the colours, the layers – it all reminds me of autumn. I guess it's kind of a goodbye with the cold wintery/autumny weather and from now on it's all going to be more springy.
In other news, I've recently seen Only Lovers Left Alive and Grand Budapest Hotel, both are amazing and I strongly recommend them. The first one is all about perfect photos and music for me, while the second one has got that stunning scenography and lovely characters. I so will be Agatha for Halloween;)

Enjoy your weekend, my dear readers!